Acetic Acid (alias of Vinegar acid)

CAS RN: 64-19-7

Other Properties

Density: 1.266 at 16.60 deg C (solid); 1.053 at 16.67 deg C (liquid); contracts slightly on freezing
Enthalpy of fusion: 11.73 kJ/mol
Burning rate: 1.6 mm/min
Weight/gallon: 8.64 lb at 20 deg C
Latent heat of fusion: 11.5 kJ/mole (at melting point); Latent heat of sublimation: 53.2 kJ/mole (25 deg C) (est); Heat of formation: -484.3 kJ/mole (25 deg C); Ionization potential: 10.66 eV; Heat of solution: -1,506 J/mole (25 deg C); Coefficient of thermal expansion: 1.071X10-3/deg C (20 deg C); Thermal conductivity: 1.8X10-3 J/sq cm deg C (25 deg C); Saturation concentration: 38 g/cu m (20 deg C); Diffusivity: 0.1064 sq cm/sec (0 deg C), 1.24X10-5 sq cm/sec (in water 25 deg C)
Sublimes between -35 to 10 deg C
Congeals about -14 deg C
Hygroscopic; acetic acid normally exists as a dimer both in the vapor phase and in solution.
Relative permittivity: 6.20 at 293.2 K
Enthalpy of formation: -484.3 kJ/mol; heat capacity: 123.3 J/mol K
Henry's Law constant = 1.43X10-7 atm-cu m/mol at 25 deg C in dilute aqueous solution
Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant: 7.4X10-13 cu cm/molecule-s at 25 deg C
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