CAS RN:94-75-7

Other Properties

BP: 160 deg C at 4 mm Hg


Polarizability = 227.4; Latent heat of fusion = 5.6 kcal/mol; Dipole moment = 3.33 debye

Proton NMR: Free 2,4-D in CD3OD shows no free H downfield of the aromatic absorptions, but shows an exchange peak with CD3OD at 5.13 ppm relative to TMS. The CH2 group absorbs at 4.72 ppm, H-3 /of the ring/ at 7.35, H-5 at 7.12, and H-6 at 6.90 ppm.

Needles from alcohol. Solubility in water: 3.5% /2,4-D, sodium salt/

Henry's Law constant = 9.75X10-8 atm-cu m/mole @ 20 deg C

Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant = 6.63X10-12 cu cm/molecule-sec at 25 deg C (est)

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