Diethyl Ether

CAS RN:60-29-7

Other Properties

Dielectric constant 4.197 at 26.9 deg C and 85.8 kilocycles
Electric conductivity 4x10-13 reciprocal ohms at 25 deg C
Ratio of specific heats of vapor (gas)= 1.081
Coefficient of expansion 0.00164/deg C
Burns with a smoky greenish flame ...
Heat of fusion= 23.45 cal/g
Wt/gal = 6 lb at 20 deg C
Heat of formation = -907 cal/g
Azeotrope with water
Partition coefficients at 37 deg C for diethyl ether into blood= 14.0; into oil= 64.
Solubility in water is increased by hydrochloric acid
Sat vapor pressure = 439.8 mm Hg at 20 deg C
Henry's Law constant = 1.23X10-3 atm-cu m/mol at 25 deg C
Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant = 1.31X10-11 cu cm/molecule-sec at 25 deg C
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