CAS RN:107-12-0


The Henry's Law constant for propionitrile is 3.70X10-5 atm-cu m/mole(1). This Henry's Law constant indicates that propionitrile is expected to volatilize from water surfaces(2). Based on this Henry's Law constant, the volatilization half-life from a model river (1 m deep, flowing 1 m/sec, wind velocity of 3 m/sec)(2) is estimated as 13 hours(SRC). The volatilization half-life from a model lake (1 m deep, flowing 0.05 m/sec, wind velocity of 0.5 m/sec)(2) is estimated as 8 days(SRC). Propionitrile's Henry's Law constant(1) indicates that volatilization from moist soil surfaces may occur(SRC). The potential for volatilization of propionitrile from dry soil surfaces may exist(SRC) based upon a vapor pressure of 47.4 mm Hg(3).
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