CAS RN:107-15-3

Major Uses

For Ethylenediamine (USEPA/OPP Pesticide Code: 004205) there are 0 labels match. /SRP: Not registered for current use in the U.S., but approved pesticide uses may change periodically and so federal, state and local authorities must be consulted for currently approved uses./
Solvent for casein, albumin, shellac, and sulfur; emulsifier; stabilizing rubber latex; as inhibitor in antifreeze solutions; in textile lubricants; pharmaceutic aid (aminophylline injection stabilizer)
In prepn of dyes, synthetic waxes, resins, insecticides and asphalt wetting agents
Use in manuf of weed killers; use in manuf of surfactants, emulsifying agents, wetting agents, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, detergents, and textile surface treatments
Medication: Vet
Fungicide, manufacture of chelating agents (EDTA), dimethylolethylene-urea resins
Polyurethane chain-extender; electrodeless nickel coating reagent.
Used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of N-(2-aminoethyl)-gamma-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane; aminoethylethanolamine; antazoline; benzathine; N,N'-bis(2-hydroxypropyl)-2-methylpiperazine; diethylenetriamine; dilazep; N,N'-disalicylideneethylenediamine; N,N-ditallowamidoethyl-N-methylammonium ethoxylate methosulfate; elastane; ethylene bis(acrylamide); ethylene bis(5,6-dibromonorbornane-2,3-dicarboximide); ethylene bis(stearamide); ethylene bis(tetrabromophthalimide); ethylenediamine dihydroiodide; ethylenediamine propoxylate/ethoxylates; ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid; ethylenediaminetetra-(methylene phosphonic acid); ethylenethiourea; ethylene urea; fenoxazoline; glycidyl-amine adducts; mazindol; metiram; nabam; naphazoline; oxymetazoline; polyamide resins, non-reactive; polyamide resins, reactive; polyether polyols, rigid; polyethylenepolyamine; polyols, epoxy dispersion; tetraethylenepentamine; tetrahydroxypropylethylenediamine; tetramethylethylenediamine; teryzoline; tolazoline; tramazoline; triethylenetramine; urea-formaldehyde resins, cationic; xylometazoline
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