CAS RN:107-15-3

Other Properties

Hygroscopic liquid
Crystals; sublimes without melting; freely sol in water; practically insol in alc /Dihydrochloride/
MP: 10 deg C; BP: 118 deg C /Monohydrate/
Strongly alkaline and may readily absorb CO2 from air to form nonvolatile carbonate
Wt/gal: 7.5 lb @ 20 deg C
Ratio of Specific Heats of Vapor (Gas): 1.087; Heat of Solution: (est) -9 Btu/lb= -5 cal/g= -0.2X10+5 J/kg
Heat of fusion: 89.81 cal/g= 35.77 J/g= 22,583 J/mol
Sat concn 29 g/cu m at 20 deg C, 51 g/cu m at 30 deg C
Saturated liquid density: 56.650 lb/cu ft; liquid heat capacity: 0.694 Btu/lb-F; saturated vapor pressure: 0.216 lb/sq in; saturated vapor density: 0.00228 lb/cu ft (all at 70 deg F)
Ideal gas heat capacity: 0.415 Btu/lb-F at 75 deg F
Amines tend to be fat soluble. /Amines/
Henry's Law Constant = 1.73X10-9 atm cu-m/mol @ 25 deg C
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