Vinyl Methyl Ether

CAS RN:107-25-5

Other Properties

Sweet pleasant odor; liq surface tension: (est) 10 dynes/cm= 0.010 newton/m @ 0 deg C; liq-water interfacial tension: (est) 25 dynes/cm= 0.025 newton/m @ 0 deg C; latent heat of vaporization: (est) 180 btu/lb= 100 cal/g= 4.2x10+5 joule/kg; heat of combustion: (est) -14,200 btu/lb= -7,900 cal/g= -330x10+5 joule/kg; reacts slowly /with water/ to form acetaldehyde; reaction is not hazardous unless water is hot or acids are present; can polymerize in presence of acids. /vinyl methyl ether, inhibited/

Hydroxyl radical rate constant = 3.35X10-11 cu cm/molecule-sec @ 26 deg C

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