CAS RN:108-88-3


A) Monitor serum electrolytes in patients who are symptomatic after inhalation (particularly deliberate abuse) or ingestion. In patients with evidence of renal tubular acidosis (hypokalemia and metabolic acidosis), monitor renal function, hepatic enzymes, urinalysis with urine pH and urine electrolytes, and CPK.
B) Obtain a chest X-ray or arterial blood gases in patients with respiratory symptoms.
C) Serum and urine toluene concentrations are measurable, but are not clinically useful or readily available.
D) Metabolites of toluene, including hippuric acid, ortho-cresol toluene, and methylhippuric acid (xylene), are expected in the urine and can be used to document exposure, but do not correlate with systemic effects.
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