CAS RN:118-96-7

Cleanup Methods

Physical treatments, such as sorption by activated carbon or ion exchange resins or coagulation and filtration, are effective in removing TNT and other related cmpd present in munitions mfg wastewater.
TNT was removed from wastewater using treatment by amines.
The feasibility was demonstrated of treating explosive-contaminated wastewater using an oxidant (hydrogen peroxide) in conjunction with short wavelength UV light. The process achieves a high degree of decontamination without any troublesome by-products. Water contaminated with TNT ... was successfully treated using this photooxidative method.
Evacuate danger area! Consult an expert! Wet spilled material before picking it up, do not attempt to sweep up dry material. Do NOT wash away into sewer. Carefully collect remainder, then remove to safe place. Do NOT let this chemical enter the environment. Chemical protection suit including self-contained breathing apparatus.
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