CAS RN:121-44-8

Major Uses

Chemical intermediate; anti-livering agent for urea & melamine based enamels; recovery of gelled paint vehicles; catalyst for polyurethane foams; flux for copper soldering
Catalytic solvent in chemical synthesis; accelerator activators for rubber; wetting, penetrating, and waterproofing agents of quaternary ammonium types; curing and hardening of polymers (e.g., core-binding resins); corrosion inhibitor; propellant.
Catalyst for epoxy resins
Manufacture of ... dyestuffs
Stabilizer for amino resins in coating system.
In the preparation of quaternary ammonium compounds.
Use in herbicides and pesticides and in preparation of emulsifiers for pesticides; use in non-nutritive sweeteners, ketenes, and salts; ingredient of photographic development accelerator, for drying of printing inks, and in carpet cleaners.
Used as catalyst in polyurethane systems.
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