Trimethyl Phosphite

CAS RN:121-45-9

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

Incompatible materials: Oxidizing agents, strong bases.
In the exothermic reaction /of trimethylplatinum(iv)azide tetramer/ with trimethyl phosphite to give cis-dimethyl-bis(trimethyl phosphito)platinum, the azide must be added in small portions with stirring. Addn of the phosphite to solid azide led to a violent explosion, probably involving the transitory by-product methyl azide.
Contact between /magnesium perchlorate & trimethyl phosphite/ caused violent explosions on several occasions. (Methyl perchlorate may have been formed).
Magnesium perchlorate, water [Note: Reacts (hydrolyzes) with water].
Hydrolyzes in water to form dimethyl phosphite and methanol.
Violent explosive reaction on contact with magnesium perchlorate or trimethyl platinum(IV)azide tetramer.
As soon as Trimethyl phosphite contacted a small quantity of magnesium perchlorate in a small flask there was a brilliant flash and a loud explosion that shattered the flask.
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