CAS RN:142-84-7

Protective Equipment / Clothing

Wear protective gloves and clothing to prevent any reasonable probability of skin contact. Safety equipment suppliers/manufacturers can provide recommendations on the most protective glove/clothing material for your operation. Teflon and Polycarbonate are among the recommended protective materials. Contact lenses should not be worn when working with this chemical. Wear splash-proof chemical goggles and face shield unless full face-piece respiratory protection is worn. Employees should wash immediately with soap when skin is wet or contaminated. Provide emergency showers and eyewash.
SRP: When working with strong solutions of acids or bases or other caustic or corrosive materials, always wear a full face mask. When working with caustic or corrosive gases or vapors, a full face mask will not protect the eyes or prevent inhaling the material. A full face respirator is required.
Self-contained breathing apparatus; butyl rubber gloves; butyl rubber apron; face shield.
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