2,4-Toluene Diisocyanate

CAS RN:584-84-9

Cleanup Methods

Spillage: Neutralize with special mixt (50% water, 45% alc, 5% concn ammonia water), collect leaking liq in sealable containers (extra personal protection: self-contained breathing apparatus).
Decontamination of spilled isocyanates and disposal of isocyanate waste are best conducted by using aqueous ammonia (3-8% concentrated ammonia solution in 90-95% water with 0.2-5% liquid detergent) or aqueous sodium carbonate (5-10% sodium carbonate in 90-95% water and 0.2-5% liquid detergent). An alcoholic solution (50% ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or butanol; 45% water; and 5% concentrated ammonia) may be preferred because of the low miscibility of isocyanates with water. /Isocyanates/
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