Arsenic, Elemental

CAS RN:7440-38-2

Major Uses

Alloying constituent
Component of alloys; component of electrical devices
In metallurgy for hardening copper, lead, nonferrous alloys; automotive body solder; in semiconductor materials; in the manufacture of low-melting glass
Wood preservative
Herbicide, pesticide /Former use/
To make gallium arsenide for dipoles and other electronic devices; doping agnet in germanium and silicon solid state products; special solders; medicine.
(76)As radioactive tracer in toxicology
Used as a catalyst in the manufacture of ethylene oxide.
In the manufacture of chemicals; in the manufacture of photoreceptor arsenic-selenium alloys for xerographic plain paper copiers; in III-V compounds, such as InAs, GaAs, AlAs, etc.
Used in semiconductor devices
Medication (vet)
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