Barium, Elemental

CAS RN:7440-39-3

Major Uses

Carrier for radium; deoxidizer for steel and other metals; alloys of barium with aluminum or magnesium are used as getters in vacuum systems and electronic tubes; emissions from (140)Ba contribute to fission products of uranium rods; emissions from (133)Ba and (137m)Ba are used as std in gamma-spectrometry.
Deoxidizer for copper; Fray's metal; lubricant for anode rotors in X-ray tubes; spark-plug alloys.
Used as a component in various proprietary nodularizing and deoxidizing alloys
Used extensively in manufacture of alloys for such products as nickel barium parts used in ignition equipment for automobiles and in manufacture of lithopone, glass, ceramics, and television picture tubes.
As heat stabilizer for plastics
Used in the production of barium-aluminum alloy-evaporation getters (gas absorbers) in cathode ray tubes for television sets and computer monitors; used as a getter material in x-ray and emitter tubes and in sodium vapor lamps; used to improve performance of lead alloy grids of acid batteries; used in metal refining and alloying industries.
Used in cathodes of fluorescent lamps; as a drying agent for lithographic inks
Barium is also used in the manufacture of alloys, ... roentgenography, ... vinyl stabilizers, ... /and/ permanent magnets. In addition, barium is used as a radio pacer both in composite fillings and in root canal fillings.
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