Barium, Elemental

CAS RN:7440-39-3

Storage Conditions

Barium metal should be stored in a dry area, separated from halogenated solvents, strong oxidants, acids, in tightly closed containers under an inert gas blanket, petroleum, or oxygen-free liquid. Rubber gloves, rubber protective clothing and apron, goggles and /particulate/ filter mask should be worn when working in a barium storage area.
Store under inert gas, petroleum, or other oxygen-free liquid.
... Packaged in argon filled plastic bags inside argon filled steel containers.
Barium is packaged in airtight steel drums containing up to 100 kg of the metal under argon or paraffin oil. Smaller amounts (1-10 kg) are packaged in tin cans, and even smaller samples are packaged in hermetically sealed glass bottles.
Barium should always be stored in a dry, well ventilated place and every contact with moisture and air avoided.
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