Barium, Elemental

CAS RN:7440-39-3

NFPA Hazard Classification

Barium, Elemental

Flammability: 4
Health: 1Instability: 3
Special: None

Health: 1 (Slight)
Materials that, on exposure, would cause significant irritation, but only minor residual injury, including those requiring the use of an approved air-purifying respirator. These materials are only slightly hazardous to health and only breathing protection is needed.

Flammability: 4 (Extreme)
This degree includes flammable gases, flammable cryogenic materials, pyrophoric liquids, and Class IA flammable liquids. The preferred method of fire attack is to stop the flow of material or to protect exposures while allowing the fire to burn itself out.

Instability: 3 (Serious)
This degree includes materials that, in themselves, are capable of detonation, explosive decomposition, or explosive reaction, but require a strong initiating source or heating under confinement. This includes materials that are sensitive to thermal and mechanical shock at elevated temperatures and pressures and materials that react explosively with water. Fires involving these materials should be fought from a protected location.

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