Boron Trifluoride

CAS RN:7637-07-2

Other Properties

Density: 2.772 g/L
Forms dense white fumes in moist air; ... reacts with incandescence when heated with alkali metals or alkaline earth metals except magnesium
Easily forms coordination complexes with molecules having at least one unshared pair of electrons; forms solid complex with nitric acid (HNO3.2BF3); polymerizes unsaturated molecules
Gaseous or liquid boron trifluoride does not react with mercury or chromium, even at high pressures for long periods.
Critical volume: 115 cu cm/mol
Standard enthalpy of formation at 25 deg C: -1136.0 kJ/mol (gas)
Enthalpy of fusion: 4.20 kJ/mol at -126.8 deg C
Vapor pressure: 1 Pa at -173.9 deg C (solid); 10 Pa at -166.0 deg C (solid); 100 Pa at -156.0 deg C (solid); 1 kPa at -143.0 deg C (solid); 10 kPa at -125.9 deg C; 100 kPa at -101.1 deg C
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