Potassium Nitrate

CAS RN:7757-79-1

Major Uses

For potassium nitrate (USEPA/OPP Pesticide Code: 076103) ACTIVE products with label matches. /SRP: Registered for use in the U.S. but approved pesticide uses may change periodically and so federal, state and local authorities must be consulted for currently approved uses./
Medication (vet):
Toothpastes intended to prevent caries and to reduce painful sensitivity of the teeth are regulated as over-the-counter (OTC) anticaries drug products at Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR), Part 355. Such products may contain up to 5% potassium nitrate as a tooth desensitizing ingredient.
Therap cat: diuretic
The first registered pesticide product containing sodium or potassium nitrate dates from 1948. /As of 1991 there were/ a total of six registered products for these two active ingredients. All currently registered products are pyrotechnic fumigants designed to be ignited and placed in burrows thereby delivering lethal doses of toxic gases for the control of various rodents, coyotes and ground wasps, as well as skunks.
In fireworks, fluxes, pickling of meats; manufacture of glass, matches, gunpowder, blasting powders; in freezing mixtures; impregnating candle wicks; treating tobacco to make it burn evenly; tempering steel
Potassium nitrate. The food additive potassium nitrate may be safely used as a curing agent in the processing of cod roe, in an amount not to exceed 200 parts per million of the finished roe.
Color fixative in meats; fining agent for ceramics
Specialty fertilizer; oxidizer in solid rocket propellants
In pyrophosphate copper bath
In silver plating baths
Heat-transfer agent
Food preservation, cheese processing, desooting in combustion processes, metallurgy, agent for controlling noxious odors during application of sewage sludge and manure... proposed as an oxidizing component in the acid-based gas generator system for the rapid inflation of automobile air bags... oxidant in chemical syntheses (e.g. alizarin).
... It is ... used in the manufacture of nitrites, nitrous oxide, explosives, pyrotechnics ... and special cements ... as a coloring and preserving additive to food, for coagulation of latexes, in the nuclear industry and for ... corrosion control in aqueous systems. /Nitrate/
The intended purpose of /pesticide/ products containing these active ingredients is to kill certain vertebrates and wasp pest species inhabiting burrows.
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