Selenium, Elemental

CAS RN:7782-49-2

Range of Toxicity

A) The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council have suggested a range of 50 to 200 mcg/day as adequate dietary intake. The upper limit of 200 mcg/day is a conservative one. The reference dose (RfD) for selenium set by EPA is 350 mcg/d for an adult weighing 70 kg. Observation in Japanese fishermen suggests that intakes of selenium from 10 to 200 times normal have not been shown to produce toxic effects.
B) Ingestion of 31 mg/day for 11 days produced symptoms of toxicity.
C) Fatalities were reported in adults, one of whom ingested 10 g selenium dioxide (100 mg Se/kg) and the other 20 mL of 42% sodium selenate (5 mg Se/kg).
D) Chronic selenium toxicity was reported in individuals ingesting 3.2 to 6.7 mg/day.
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