Hydrogen Bromide

CAS RN:10035-10-6

Major Uses

Organic synthesis, makes bromides by direct reaction with alcohols, pharmaceutical intermediate; alkylation and oxidation catalyst, reducing agent. /Hydrogen bromide gas/
In analytical chemistry and organic preparations. /Hydrobromic acid/
Analytical chemistry, solvent for ore minerals, manufacture of inorganic and some alkyl bromides, alkylation catalyst. /Hydrobromic acid/
Hydrogen bromide is utilized in the production of inorganic bromides by reaction with the appropriate aqueous solution or slurry of metal hydroxides, oxides, or carbonates; in the production of organic bromides by reaction with alkyl alcohols or alkenes; and as a catalyst for oxidations, alkylations, and condensations in organic chemistry. /Hydrogen bromide gas/
Hydrobromic acid is used industrially in the production of inorganic bromides, alkyl bromides, salts of organic nitrogen compounds, and as a alkylation catalyst.
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