Nickel Carbonyl

CAS RN:13463-39-3

Major Uses

Chem intermediate for manufacture of high purity nickel
Catalyst for manufacture of acrylic & methacrylic esters
Catalyst for manufacture of tetrahydrofuryl alcohol
Chem intermediate for vapor deposition of nickel
Catalyst or reagent in other organic syntheses
An effective catalyst in the carbonylation reaction (reaction of olefins, acetylenes, haloacetylenes, alcohols, and aryl halides with carbon monoxide).
Use in glass plating
Used in organic synthesis; production of high-purity nickel powder and continuous nickel coatings on steel and other metals.
Continuous nickel coatings on steel and other metals
Nickel carbonyl is an intermediate in the Mond process for refining nickel, is employed for vapor plating in the metallurgical and electronics industries.
Used in the production of high purity nickel powder by Mond Process, continuous nickel coatings on steel and other metals.
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