Nickel Carbonyl

CAS RN:13463-39-3

Other Properties

Oxidizes in air; explodes at 60 deg C
Readily attacked by oxidizing agents with liberation of carbon monoxide & formation of corresponding salt
Synthesis temp: 30-50 deg C; unreactive with aqueous acids & alkalies; oxygen rapidly decomposes the vapor to an amorphous hydrous nickel carbonate oxide; sulfuric acid liberates carbon monoxide and nickelous salts; carbon disulfide yields nickel sulfide and carbon; with air mixtures between 2-350 ppm, 5% dissociated in 50 sec, and 30% dissociated in a chamber with 1 air change every 4 min.
10 ppm in atmosphere is sufficient to impart luminosity to alcohol or carbon monoxide flames.
A zero valent cmpd. The four carbonyl groups form a tetrahedral arrangement and are linked covalently to the metal through the carbons.
Ionization potential: 8.28 eV
Rapidly volatizes at room temp
Saturated liquid density: 82.330lb/cu ft at 70 deg F.
Saturated vapor density: 0.19690 lb/cu ft at 70 deg F.
Saturated vapor pressure: 6.558 lb/sq inch at 70 deg F.
Liquid viscosity: 0.629 Centipoise at 70 deg F.
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