Nickel Carbonyl

CAS RN:13463-39-3

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

Disaster hazard: dangerous; when heated or on contact with acid or acid fumes, emits highly toxic carbon monoxide fumes; can react with oxidizing materials.
The two cmpd /tetracarbonyl nickel and bromine/ interact explosively in the liquid state ... .
A mixture of the dry nickel carbonyl and oxygen will explode on vigorous shaking with mercury.
Interaction of the liquids /dinitrogen tetraoxide & tetracarbonyl nickel/ are rather violent.
Contact with nitric acid, chlorine, and other oxidizers may cause fire ... explosions. The vapor of nickel carbonyl may promote the ignition of mixtures of combustible vapors (such as gasoline) and air.
Addition of nickel carbonyl to an n-butane oxygen mixture causes explosion at 20-40 deg C.
Nitric acid, bromine, chlorine & other oxidizers; flammable materials.
Incompatibilities: Nitric acid, chlorine, other oxidizers, combustible vapors.
Incompatibilities: Strong acids /Nickel, metal & sol compounds (as Ni)/
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