Dimethyl Sulfoxide

CAS RN:67-68-5

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

... can react with oxidizing materials.
Violent or explosive reaction with many acyl, aryl, and nonmetal halides (e.g., acetyl chloride, benzenesulfonyl chloride, bromobenzoyl actanilide, cyanuric chloride, iodine pentafluoride, Mg(ClO4)2, CH3Br, NiO4, oxalyl chloride, P2O3, phosphorus trichloride, phosphoryl chloride, silver fluoride, silver difluoride, sodium hydride, sulfur dichloride, disulfur dichloride, sulfurylchloride, tetrachlorosilane, and thionyl chloride).
Violent or explosive reaction with boron compounds (eg borane, nonahydrononaborate (2-) ion), 4(4'-bromobenzoyl)acetanilide, carbonyl diisothiocyanate, dinitrogen tetraoxide, hexachlorocyclotriphosphazine, copper + trichloroacetic acid, metal alkoxides (eg potassium tert-butoxide, sodium isopropoxide), trifluoroacetic acid anhydride.
Incompatible with magnesium perchlorate, metal oxosalts, perchloric acid, periodic acid, sulfur trioxide.
Forms powerfully explosive mixtures with metal salts of oxoacids (eg aluminum perchlorate, sodium perchlorate, and iron (III) nitrate).
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