Sodium Hydrosulfide

CAS RN:16721-80-5

Other Properties

Turns yellow upon heating in dry air, changing to orange at higher temperatures. Forms a black liquid at the melting point. Gives a blue-green solution in dimethylformamide. Very hygroscopic. Readily hydrolyzed in moist air to NaOH and Na2S.
Boiling point at 1 atm: (approx) 212 deg F= 100 deg C= 373 deg K. /Sodium Hydrosulfide Solution/
Needles of flakes, mp 55 deg C. Completely and rapidly soluble in water, alcohol, ether /DIHYDRATE/.
Shiny rhombs, mp 22 deg C/TRIHYDRATE/.
When exposed to air, sodium hydrosulfide undergoes autoxidation and gradually forms polysulfur, thiosulfate, and sulfate. It also absorbs carbon dioxide, forming sodium carbonate.
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