Yttrium, Radioactive

Exposure Summary

Naturally occurring yttrium is composed of only yttrium-89, which is not radioactive. There are 43 other unstable isotopes and isomers of yttrium that have been characterized. Yttrium-90 is used in nuclear medicine. Since yttrium-90 is a synthetic isotope and has circumscribed uses, releases to the environment of yttrium-90 would be very limited. Exposure to yttrium-90 would be limited to individuals involved in the research or production of yttrium-90, or to individuals receiving or administering treatment using. Exposure to yttrium-90 and yttrium-91 from radioactive fallout is not expected to be important, because of the short half-lives of these yttrium radionuclides, half-lives for yttrium-90 and -91 are 2.67 and 58.5 days, respectively, and the low concentrations of these substances in the environment. (SRC)
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