Furfuryl Alcohol

CAS RN:98-00-0

Major Uses

As a solvent for cellulose ethers & esters, ester gum, dyes, coumarone & natural resins; in mfr of phenolic resins & dark-colored thermosetting resins; liq propellant.
Chemical intermediate for tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
Used to tan hides /not commercially wide-spread/.
Solvent; manufacture of wetting agents, resins
Wetting agent, furan polymers, corrosive-resistant sealants and cements, foundry cores; modified urea-formaldehyde polymers, penetrant, solvent for dyes and resins, flavoring.
As a liquid propellant ... . A major component of "corporal" missile fuel ... .
Uses of furfuryl alcohol include resins for bonding foundry sand to produce cores and molds for metal casting, corrosion-resistant mortar for installing acid-proof brick, laminating resins for corrosion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced equipment, resins for corrosion-resistant furan polymer concrete, impregnating solutions and carbon binders, nonreactive diluent for epoxy resins, modifier for phenolic and urea resins, oil-well sand consolidation, solvent, production of tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, and other chemical syntheses.
... Solvent in textile printing, viscosity reducer for viscous epoxy resins
Furfuryl alcohol is used alone or in combination with other solvents for various cleaning and paint-removing operations.
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