Silicon Tetrafluoride

CAS RN:7783-61-1

Range of Toxicity

A) INGESTION: ADULT: Electrolyte imbalance, dysrhythmias and death have been reported after 2 to 3 ounces of 6 to 8% HF. CHILD: The minimum toxic dose for a 10 kg child is 50 mg.
B) INHALATION: 30 ppm is considered immediately dangerous to life and health. Estimates of the lowest lethal concentrations for HF range from 50 to 250 ppm for a 5 minute exposure.
C) DERMAL: Severe systemic toxicity and death have been reported following 2.5% body surface area (BSA) burns from 100% HF, 8% BSA burns from 70% HF, and 11% BSA burns from 23% HF.
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