CAS RN:75-34-3

Major Uses

Reagent and chemical intermediate. Solvent for paint, varnishes; degreaser.
1,1-Dichlorethane is used as a chemical intermediate and grain fumigant /SRP: former use/ and has limited use as a solvent for plastics, oils, and fats. It was formerly used as an anesthetic but it is of no importance in this field today.
Used in the manufacture of high vacuum rubber and silicone grease.
... primarily used as a feedstock for the production of 1,1,1-trichloroethane.
Extraction solvent, fumigant /SRP: former use/.
Vinylchloride; chlorinated solvent intermediate; coupling agent in antiknock gasoline; paint, varnish, and finish remover; metal degreasing; organic synthesis; ore flotation.
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