CAS RN:75-52-5

Major Uses

Rocket fuel; solvent for zein. Used in the coating industry.
Racing fuel additive; military propellant; solvent for cellulosic cmpd, polymers & waxes; int for nitro & amino alcohols
It and other nitroparaffins are excellent solvents for vinyls, epoxies, polyamides and acrylic polymers. ... Mixed with methanol and castor oil it is employed as a model airplane fuel.
Solvent for cellulosic compounds, polymers, waxes, fats, etc.; chemical synthesis; rocket fuel; gasoline additive.
Fuel in drag racing and as a hobby fuel
One of the most important uses for nitromethane in which it is used without chemical modification is the stabilization of halogenated hydrocarbons. For example, small amounts of nitromethane (and sometimes nitroethane and/or 1-nitropropane) are widely used in industry to form stable noncorrosive mixtures with 1,1,1-trichloroethane that are used in vapor degreasing, dry cleaning, and for cleaning semiconductors and lenses. These nitroalkanes are useful for inhibiting corrosion on the interiors of tin-plated steel cans containing water-based aerosol formulations. Nitromethane is also employed to stabilize the halogenated propellants for aerosols. Nitromethane is frequently employed as a polar solvent for cyanoacrylate adhesives and acrylic coatings.
Nitromethane is a chemical intermediate to make derivatives such as chloropicrin (a fungicide and nematocidal fumigant), biocides, Nizatidine and Ranitidine (anti-ulcer drugs) and components in adhesives and resins. Nitromethane alone, and in mixtures with methanol and other nitroparaffins, is used as a fuel by professional drag racers and hobbyists. Hobbyists use the nitromethane-based fuel primarily for radio-controlled aircraft. The explosives industry utilizes nitromethane in a binary explosive formulation. There are also commercial and military applications for nitromethane in shaped charges, which are often used for targeted undersea explosions and line trenching.
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