CAS RN:75-52-5

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

Amines; strong acids, alkalis and oxidizers; hydrocarbons and other combustible materials; metallic oxides [Note: Slowly corrodes steel and copper when wet.]
Ignites when mixed with alkyl metal halides. Can react violently with AlCl(3) and organic matter, Ca(OH)(2), m-methyl aniline, Ca(OCl)(2), hexamethylbenzene, hydrocarbons, inorganic bases, hydroxides, organic amines, KOH, formaldehyde, nitric acid, metal oxides, 1,2-diaminomethane, lithium perchlorate, sodium hydride. Reacts with aqueous silver nitrate to form the explosive silver fulminate.
Incompatible materials: Amines, strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents, copper
Instability and Reactivity Hazards: Shock- and heat-sensitive. Thermally unstable. Explosively decomposes at 599 deg F (315 deg C). Nitromethane is made more sensitive to detonation by contamination with certain other materials such as amines and acids.
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