CAS RN:76-06-2

Range of Toxicity

A) Serious burns less likely if pH <11.5. Injury greater with either large ingestion (usually deliberate) or high concentration alkali. With highly concentrated liquids, esophageal burns may occur in up to 100% of patients, even after accidental ingestion.
B) Inhalation of 1 ppm causes eye irritation and constitutes a good warning of exposure. An odor threshold of 1.1 ppm has been reported.
C) Inhalation of 20 ppm for 1 to 2 minutes causes bronchial or pulmonary lesions.
D) Inhalation of 2 mg/L (297.6 ppm) for 10 minutes has been fatal to humans.
E) Inhalation of 0.8 mg/L (119 ppm) for 30 minutes has been fatal to humans.
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