CAS RN: 91-20-3

Soil Adsorption / Mobility

The mean Koc value of naphthalene in 17 soils throughout the US was 871(1). The Koc of naphthalene in 5 different soils from Japan ranged from 440-830(2). In a long term field experiment in Uppsala, Sweden, soils were treated with 7 types of amendments and 1 untreated plot, Koc values were 112-680 for naphthalene(3). In a contaminated soil collected from a railway station in Spain, naphthalene had a log Koc of 3.97(4). The mean Koc value of naphthalene in sediment samples from 2 ponds and 1 river from north Georgia, US was 1,300(5). The log Koc value in sediment was 2.84(6). In 76 sediment samples from 7 sites in New York and 1 in North Carolina, naphthalene had log Koc values of 2.45-5.59(7). According to a classification scheme(8), these Koc values suggest that naphthalene is expected to have high to no mobility in soil(SRC).
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