CAS RN: 94-75-7

Range of Toxicity

A) TOXICITY: Limited data are available. The World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization have established an Acceptable Daily Intake of 0.3 mg/kg for 2,4-D. The minimum toxic dose of 2,4-D in humans is 3 to 4 g or 40 to 50 mg/kg. Fatalities have been seen following ingestion of 80 mg/kg or 6.5 g in an adult. Intravenous injection of 28 mg/kg of 2,4-D was tolerated but 50 mg/kg injection produced toxicity. Plasma concentrations greater than 100 mg/L have been associated with coma, though neuromuscular symptoms (stiffness, ataxia, paralysis) may occur at lower levels.
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