CAS RN: 95-47-6

Soil Adsorption / Mobility

Koc values measured for 2-xylene in various soils (% organic matter) were 24 in Wendover silty clay (16.2%), 26 in Vaudreil sand loam (10.0%), 68 in St. Thomas sand (3.1%), and 138 in Grimsby silt loam (1.0%)(1). Batch adsorption tests, using three solid sandy aquifer materials gave a Koc of 129(2). The Koc for 2-xylene in surface sediments collected from the central Tamar estuary in the UK was 25.4(3). The Koc values for 2-xylene in two river sediments (% organic matter 6.5-16.9 wt%) was 209 and 251, respectively(4). According to a classification scheme(5), these measured Koc values suggests that 2-xylene is expected to have very high to moderate mobility in soil. Using OECD Guideline 121 (estimating Koc via HPLC), the Koc of 2-xylene was estimated to be 537(6). Concentration enhancement has been observed for 2-xylene in a dune-infiltration project on the Rhine River(7); however, no 2-xylene reached groundwater under a rapid infiltration site(8). The log Koc for 2-xylene in coal sediment (% organic matter 52 wt%) was 2.40(4).
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