CAS RN: 60-51-5

Storage Conditions

The biological activity remains practically unvaried for 2 yr under environmental conditions, provided stored in unopened and undamaged original containers, in shaded, cool, well-aired places, inaccessible to animals & unauthorized persons. Recommended temp < 25 deg C/77 deg F. Crystals may form in formulations stored at < 32 deg F/0 deg C. Stable a minimum of 1 yr at < 25-30 deg C/77-86 deg F. Stack containers to permit air circulation at bottom & inside of piles. Do not contaminate food, feed products.
Liquid formulations must be stored above 45 deg F.
...Must be stored in its sealed original containers, in well-aired, fresh & dry storehouses or in shaded & possibly well-aired places. It is recommended that the product's temp...not exceed 25-30 deg C, & keep...away from sources of heat, free flames or spark-generating equipment. Containers must be stacked in such a way as to permit free circulation of air...at bottom & inside of piles. Storage areas must be located at suitable distance from inhabited buildings, animal shelters, & food stores; moreover, they must be inaccessible to unauthorized persons, children, & domestic animals. /Dimethoate/
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