CAS RN: 107-02-8


Violent polymerization reaction on contact with strong acid, strong base, weak acid conditions (e.g., nitrous fumes, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide), thiourea, or dimethylamine.
... Polymerizes (especially under light or in the presence of alkali or strong acid) forming disacryl, a plastic solid.
Under fire conditions, polymerization may occur, blocking relief valves leading to tank explosion.
Acrylaldehyde is very reactive and will polymerize rapidly, accelerating to violence, in contact with strong acid or basic catalysts.
A 2 yr old sample stored in a refrigerator close to a bottle of dimethylamine exploded violently, presumably after absorbing enough volatile amine (which penetrates plastics closures) to initiate polymerization.
Acrolein polymerizes with release of heat on contact with minor amounts of acids (including sulfur dioxide), alkalis, volatile amines, salts, thiourea, oxidants (air) and on exposure to light and heat.
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