CAS RN: 111-65-9

Soil Adsorption / Mobility

The Koc of n-octane is estimated as 3.1X10+4(SRC), using a log Kow of 5.18(1) and a regression-derived equation(2). According to a classification scheme(3), this estimated Koc value suggests that n-octane is expected to be immobile in soil. Freundlich absorption coefficients of log 4.04 and log 3.49 were measured in Oberlausitz lignite (11.1% moisture content; 53.5 wt% carbon content; 0.6 wt % nitrogen content) and Pahokee peat soil (10.2% moisture content; 46.1 wt% carbon content; 3.3 wt % nitrogen content), respectively(4). Gaseous transport of volatile n-octane in unsaturated porous media was shown to be influenced by air-water interfacial adsorption and water-partitioning(5). Sorption of n-octane from air to snow was measured, resulting in a sorption coefficient of log -4.41 cu m/sq m at -6.8 deg C(6).
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