Sodium Cyanide

CAS RN: 143-33-9

Major Uses

/Former use/ Fumigating citrus and other fruit trees, ships, railway cars, warehouses
/former use/ as rodenticide
Cleaning metals; mfr of dyes and pigments, nylon int, chelating cmpd; extracting gold and silver from ores.
For rabbit, rat burrows and holes; termite nests
Component of electroplating solutions, eg, for zinc; component of salts for case hardening of steel; agent for extraction of gold & silver from ores; depressant in froth flotation separation of ores; chem int for phenylglycine
Manufacture of hydrocyanic acid and many other cyanides
Chemical uses are in 5 general categories: dyes, including optical brighteners; agricultural chemicals; pharmaceuticals; chelating or sequestering agents; and specialties, preparation of nitriles, carbylamines, cyano fatty acids, and heavy metal cyanides, misc uses include heat-treating, metal stripping, and compounds for clearing smut
Used as a single and multidose poison on pastures, range land, and forest lands for coyote, fox and wild dog. /M-44 cyanide capsules/
Used as an insecticide and miticide for postharvest application for non-stored commodity of citrus or fumigation of trucks (feed/food-full). /Sodium cyanide, crystalline/
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