Sodium Cyanide

CAS RN: 143-33-9

Other Properties

Soln readily dissolves gold and silver in presence of air
Absorbs water from the air forming a syrup
Heat of capacity: 1.40 @ 25-72 deg C; heat of fusion: 179 J/g; heat of formation: -89.9X10+3 J/mole (exothermic); heat of solution: -1548 J/mole; hydrolysis constant: 2.51X10-5 @ 25 deg C
When heated in a dry carbon dioxide atmosphere, sodium cyanide fuses without much decomposition. Thermal dissociation of sodium cyanide has been studied in an atm of helium at 600-1050 deg C and in an atm of nitrogen at 1050-1255 deg C. It has been shown that vapor phase over melt contains decomposition products.
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