Sodium Cyanide

CAS RN: 143-33-9

Disposal Methods

Generators of waste (equal to or greater than 100 kg/mo) containing this contaminant, EPA hazardous waste number D003; P106, must conform with USEPA regulations in storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste.
Cyanide salts should not be flushed into any drain which may contain or subsequently receive acid waste. ... Cyanide process waste solutions and flushings from spills should be passed through a cyanide waste disposal system. /Cyanide salts/
Sodium cyanide is a poor candidate for incineration.
Small amounts of ammonium chloride-buffered, aqueous sodium cyanide were decontaminated with calcium hypochlorite at less than or equal to 12 degrees, while larger amounts of cyanide waste were treated with hypochlorite from any source at ph 10 to convert cyanide ion to cyanate ion.
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