Sodium Cyanide

CAS RN: 143-33-9

Reactivities / Incompatibilities

Violent reaction with fluorine /gas/, magnesium, nitrates, nitric acid ...
Hydrogen cyanide and mercury (II) cyanide: The cyanide, /mercury(II) cyanide/, is a friction-and impact-sensitive explosive and may initiate detonation of liquid hydrogen cyanide. Other metal cyanides are similar. /Metal cyanides/
Dangerous; on contact with acid, acid fumes, water, or steam ... will produce toxic and flammable vapors of CN- and sodium oxide.
Cyanide may react with carbon dioxide in ordinary air to form toxic hydrogen cyanide gas. /Cyanide/
Fusion of mixtures of metal cyanides with metal chlorates, perchlorates, or nitrates ... causes a violent explosion. /Metal cyanides/
Contact with acids and acid salts causes immediate formation of toxic and flammable hydrogen cyanide gas. ... /Cyanides/
Strong oxidizers (such as acids, acid salts, chlorates & nitrates) [Note: Absorbs moisture from the air forming a syrup].
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