CAS RN: 67-66-3

Other Properties

Density: 1.484 at 20 deg C/20 deg C
Liquid-Water Interfacial Tension: 32.8 dynes/cm = 0.0328 N/m at 20 deg C
Ratio of specific heats of vapor: 1.146
Weight per gallon at 25 deg C: 12.29 lb
Ionization potential: 11.42 eV
Enthalpy of fusion: 9.5 kJ/mol
Heat capacity at 20 deg C: 0.979 kJ/kg.K; critical density: 500 kg/cu m; critical vol: 0.002 cu m/kg; thermal conductivity at 20 deg C: 0.130 W/m.K; coefficient of cubical expansion: 0.001399; dielectric constant at 20 deg C: 4.9; dipole moment: 3.84X10-30 C.m; heat of formation at 25 deg C: -89.66 MJ/kg.mole (gas), -120.9 MJ/kg.mole (liq); latent heat of evaporation at bp: 247 kJ/kg
The azeotrope with water boils at 56.1 deg C and contains 97.2% chloroform. The ternary azeotrope with ethanol and water boils at 55.5 deg C and contains 4 mol% alcohol and 3.5 mol% water. At 25 deg C, chloroform dissolves 3.59 times its volume of carbon dioxide.
Chloroform forms azeotropes with acetone, 2-propanol, 2-butanone, ethanol, ethyl formate, formic acid, n-hexane, methanol, methyl acetate, and water.
VP: 100 mm Hg at 10.4 deg C
Specific gravity = 1.49 at 20 deg C (liquid)
An alcholic solution of chloroform containing 6% by volume of chloroform, corresponding to 10.5% by weight and approximately 89% absolute alcohol by volume. Colorless, clear liquid. Chloroform odor. Density: approximately 0.85 /Spirit of chloroform/
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