CAS RN: 67-66-3

Other Hazardous Reactions

Incompatible materials: Strong oxidizing agents, Strong bases, Magnesium, Sodium/sodium oxides, Lithium
A chloroform-methanol mixture was put into a drum contaminated with sodium hydroxide. A vigorous reaction set in, and the drum exploded. Chloroform normally reacts slowly with sodium hydroxide owing to the insolubility of the latter. The presence of methanol (or other solubilizer) increases the rate of reaction by increasing the degree of contact between chloroform and alkali.
Oxidized by strong oxidizing agents such as chromic acid, with formation of phosgene and chlorine gas.
Contact of 1.5 g portions of the solid potassium tert-butoxide with drops of liquid chloroform caused ignition after 0 min, and with vapors of chloroform caused ignition after 2 min.
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