CAS RN: 333-41-5

Other Properties

BP: 125 deg C at 1 mm Hg
Hydrolysis of diazinon and diazoxon conform to pseudo first-order rate in pH range 3.1-10.9.
log Kow = 3.30 (OECD method 107)
Volatility: at 20 deg C = 2.4 mg/cu m; at 40 deg C = 17.6 mg/cu m
Incompatible with copper-containing compounds
Pale-to-dark brown liquid (at least 90% pure) /Technical/
Yellow liquid /Technical/
Henry's Law constant = 1.17X10-7 atm-cu m/mol at 23 deg C
Henry's Law constant = 6.25X10-8 atm-cu m/mol at 25 deg C
Hydroxyl radical reaction rate constant = 2X10-10 cu cm/molec-sec at 25 deg C (est) [
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