CAS RN: 333-41-5

Fire Fighting Procedures

Fire Extinguishing Media: dry chemical, foam, carbon dioxide.
If material is on fire or involved in fire: Do not extinguish fire unless flow can be stopped. Use water in flooding quantities as fog. Solid streams of water maybe ineffective. Cool all affected containers with flooding quantities of water. Apply water from as far a distance as possible. Use "alcohol foam, dry chemical, or carbon dioxide. /Organophosphorous Pesticides, liquid, toxic/
In Case of Fire: Use dry chemical, foam, or CO2 extinguishing media. Wear full protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus. Evacuate nonessential personnel from the area to prevent human exposure to fire, smoke, fumes, or products of combustion. Prevent use of contaminated building, area, and equipment until decontaminated. /Diazinon 50W/
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