CAS RN: 460-19-5

Protective Equipment / Clothing

... Rubber protective clothing; rubber-soled shoes.
Cold-insulating gloves. Face shield or eye protection in combination with breathing protection.
Where skin can be exposed ... protective clothing, including impervious hand protection, shoud be provided /Cyanides/
Compressed gasses may create low temperatures when they expand rapidly. Leaks and uses that allow rapid expansion may cause a frostbite hazard. Wear appropriate personal protective clothing to prevent the skin from becoming frozen.
Wear appropriate eye protection to prevent eye contact with the liquid that could result in burns or tissue damage from frostbite.
Wear appropriate eye protection to prevent eye contact.
Quick drench facilities and/or eyewash fountains should be provided within the immediate work area for emergency use where there is any possibility of exposure to liquids that are extremely cold or rapidly evaporating.
Personnel Protection: ... Wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus ... Wear appropriate chemical protective clothing
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