CAS RN: 460-19-5

Other Properties

Conversion factors: 1 mg/l= 469.6 ppm & 1 ppm= 2.127 mg/cu m @ 25 deg C, 760 mm Hg
Heat of solution: 2520 Btu/lb
Enthalpy of fusion: 8.112 kJ/mol; Enthalpy of vaporization: 23.2341 kJ/mol
Specific gravity 1.8064 (air = 1)
Vapor pressure: 760 mm Hg at -21.0 deg C, 10 mm Hg at -76.8 deg C (solid), 40 mm Hg at -62.7 deg C (solid), 100 mm Hg at -51.8 deg C (solid)
Burns with a pink flame having a bluish border. MP: -27.9 deg C (also reported as -34.4 deg C). Above 500 deg C polymerizes to insoluble paracyanogen (CN)n. One volume of water dissolves about 4 volumes of cyanogen gas. ... Slowly hydrolyzed in aqueous solution giving oxilic acid and ammonia.
Henry's Law constant = 5.4X10-3 atm-cu m/mol at 25 deg C (est)
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