CAS RN: 463-82-1

Storage Conditions

Prior to working with this chemical you should be trained on its proper handling and storage. Before entering a confined space where this chemical may be present, check to make sure that an explosive concentration does not exist. Store in tightly closed containers in a cool, well-ventilated area away from heat. Sources of ignition such as smoking and open flames are prohibited where this chemical is used, handled, or stored. Drums must be equipped with self-closing valves, pressure vacuum bungs, and flame arresters. Use only non-sparking tools and equipment, especially when opening and closing containers of this chemical. Where this chemical is used, handled, manufactured, or stored, use explosion-proof electrical equipment and fittings. Procedures for handling, use, and storage of cylinders should be in compliance with OSHA 1910.101 and 1910.169 as with the recommendations of the Compressed Gas Association.
Store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards. Subject to storage regulations: U.S. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.101. Grounding and bonding required. Keep separated from incompatible substances.
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